Speech, Occupational &

Physical Therapy CLInics

Add 14-37 new patients a month to your clinic

Our team and growth software allow more patients to find you and get the help they need. 

Be in front of your Ideal Patient

anywhere they are on line

Tried and tested systems that get your ideal patient calling you!

Createive Campaigns & Offers

We create and manage ads for your Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy Clinic

Lead Tracking

Track all of your leads in one place and always know the return on your marketing investment.

Expert Managment

Our expert team will be sure to properly maintain and manage your campaigns for success. 

social media integration
Targeting Demographics

Get the right message in front of the right audience and generate more leads and high qualified evaluations.

Nurture Opprotunites

Our unique software automates the process of texting and emailing your leads, keeping them engaged and helping you avoid missed opportunities.

Instant Notifcations

Get notified right away when new leads come in so you can qualify and book that evalutation before the competition does.


Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy Clinics are all we do.


Over 10 years refining our marketing techniques and millions spent in ads. We've done the testing so you don't have to. 


Start getting evaluations booked in days. Our tech finds those prospective patients who are looking for you and puts ads right in front of them.

Get The Ultimate Speech Therapy Clinic Online Marketing Checklist

Want to know what you need to do to double your patient load and keep your SLPs busy? Here's the exact checklist we follow.



How to Get Started

Step 1: Schedule a Call

If your phone isn't ringing off the hook with new speech therapy evaluation requests all year long, it's time to schedule a call with a SiteSmash Speech Therapy Marketing Expert.

Step 2: Tell us Your Goals

We work with you to create a growth strategy for your clinics. From there we'll create a marketing strategy for each clinic and before you hang up, you'll have a marketing plan in place!

Step 3: Start Getting More leads!

Start winning online, earning more money, beating out your competition, and beome recognized as the #1 Therapy Clinic in your community. 

What Our Customers Say

Chris Lewis

Marketing Coordinator

Sebo Marketing

We had a client whose website didn't quite tell the true story of who they were or why they do they what they do. I got to sit in on the discovery meeting. They dug one question after another until eventually, we had successfully mapped the true, simple story of the entire company's reason for being. It was so simple, and every one us could get behind it 100%. I remember looking around and seeing in everyone's eyes the "how have we not figured this out before" look. After that, it was built, launched, quick and we're happy.

Adam Boyd

VP of Sales


SiteSmash has helped us get further in three months than we could have done in a year on our own. We've been able to turn our contracted team into full time employees. We've built several funnels and have clarified our message for several customer types.  Pete and his team have given us the direction and training we've needed to take a huge step toward being self sufficient in our marketing.

Rich Tyson

Business Coach


Pete Rakozy is meticulous in guiding CEObuilder through the development of a marketing plan that produces new clients--and helps retain the clients that we have. 

Scott Rackham


Rackham & Associates

 If your business needs a website, and it does. You need these folks. Smart, efficient, talented. They not only helped with site requirements, they got my email, analytics, and forms up and running in a jiffy. 

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