‚ÄčBuild A Profitable 
Marketing Team

Build the clear message, predictable funnels and profitable teams internally that allows you to grow predictably, unchained to an agency.

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Double Your Revenues

Own Your Marketing Team

Reduce Risk

Growth Solutions

Help Prospects
 Understand You

Businesses are often too close to their product or service to be able to explain it clearly. 

If you confuse, you lose.

We take businesses through a proven 7 part framework that helps clarify their message which alone doubles or quadruples their revenue.

Help Prospects
 "Date" You Automatically

Often we ask customers to buy from us too soon. It's like asking a perfect stranger to marry us. 

That's Crazy! 

We help you build a predictable selling system that lets customers date you over and over until they are ready to buy and be lifeline partners in business.

Help You Rely Less
on Agencies

If you could stop paying the power company for power and still get power would you? 

Of course.

We help companies build their first marketing team so they can be self reliant with generating leads and sales and use agencies as a special forces team for unique campaigns.

Does Working with a Marketing Agency make you Nervous?

  • Are you tired of starting over after firing an agency?
  • Do you feel like your agency doesn't quite get you?
  • Are you frustrated with trying to manage multiple marketing contractors?
  • Do you worry your lead sources will dry up if you stop working with your agency?
  • Do you have contractors you don't know what to do with?
  • Are you tired of overpaying for "Degreed" marketers and Chief Delegating Officers?

How It Works

STEP 1: Clarify Your Message

We know how hard it is to communicate clearly what it is you do. Often simply clarifying your message will help double or quadruple your revenue. As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, help businesses clarify their message using a seven part framework that gets them results.

STEP 2: Allow Prospects to "Date" You

As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner we work with you to create a step by step process that allows prospects to get to know who you are and why they should buy from you. This funnel will allow you to own and operate a predictable revenue system to boost revenue needed to build your team.

STEP 3: Build the Right Team

Now to build your internal team. Hiring smart, talented, trainable people in the eight core disciplines of marketing will give you the confidence you need to transition from relying 100% on an outsourced agency to generate leads and sales to building a team who will know your customer better than anyone else.

Who It's For

Founders & CEOs

Running a business is hard enough without also having to worry about marketing, so let us worry about it.

VP of Sales

Eliminate the disconnect between Agency and your Sales Team. Integrate the sales and marketing team into one Growth Team.


Agencies who care about their clients know when clients out grow them. We help them let go of clients without feeling guilty.

Marketing Managers

With so much on their plate they don't have time to build a team. We help them create a rock star team of Full Stack Marketers.

What Our Customers Say

Chris Lewis

Marketing Coordinator

Sebo Marketing

We had a client whose website didn't quite tell the true story of who they were or why they do they what they do. I got to sit in on the discovery meeting. They dug one question after another until eventually, we had successfully mapped the true, simple story of the entire company's reason for being. It was so simple, and every one us could get behind it 100%. I remember looking around and seeing in everyone's eyes the "how have we not figured this out before" look. After that, it was built, launched, quick and we're happy.

Adam Boyd

VP of Sales


SiteSmash has helped us get further in three months than we could have done in a year on our own. We've been able to turn our contracted team into full time employees. We've built several funnels and have clarified our message for several customer types.  Pete and his team have given us the direction and training we've needed to take a huge step toward being self sufficient in our marketing.

Rich Tyson

Business Coach


Pete Rakozy is meticulous in guiding CEObuilder through the development of a marketing plan that produces new clients--and helps retain the clients that we have. 

Scott Rackham


Rackham & Associates

 If your business needs a website, and it does. You need these folks. Smart, efficient, talented. They not only helped with site requirements, they got my email, analytics, and forms up and running in a jiffy. 

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