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Growth Tip #23: The Live Chat

It’s always surprising to me just how many businesses don’t talk to their customers. Customers are a gold mine of information. They purchased your solution because it solves a problem they actively have. In essence, customers are field testers for your product or service and have lots of feedback on how to improve your product […]

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Case Study: Therapy Tree – Review Generation

The StoryCustomer since February, 2018.  Therapy Tree is a speech and occupational therapy clinic providing therapy services for children. They rely heavily on referrals from doctors to acquire new patients. Those doctors usually provide two or three recommended clinics to work with so having an amazing online reputation is critical to the growth of their business. […]

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Case Study: World Class Auto – Review Generation

World Class AutoCustomer Since March, 2018The Story World Class Auto is an automobile repair shop and one of the best in the state. They service thousands of customers a year.   Not only are they a local business but the owner, Rod Martin, is also very active in the community, the chamber of commerce, and other community organizations. […]

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Growth Tip #21: The Progress Bar

Once I was in a grocery store grabbing some necessities (Oreos, whole milk, and other healthy stuff), when I rounded the chip aisle end cap and saw line after line pouring over into the produce section like tentacles. I did a quick pass of all the lines assessing how long I thought each would take […]

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Growth Tip #19: The Expert Round Up

Think back to when you first got started doing what you do. Did you just step out into the world one day and start trying to do your craft? Most likely not. If you’re like me, you probably spent tons of time researching and learning all you could first. And who did you look to for […]

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Growth Tip #16: The Editorial & Social Calendar Strategy

Marketing is all about generating awareness for your business that leads to conversations with your potential customers. These conversations come in the form of post, video, social post, chats, and in person conversations. When done right, those conversations turn into “dates” such as a lead magnet download, webinar registration, or a tiny purchase. After that, the […]

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