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Growth Tip #13: The Screencast Product Demo

Your brain is designed to conserve calories. You know what burns calories? Trying to understand something. When the brain is presented new information, it works hard to figure out if this new information will help it survive (live to see tomorrow) or thrive, aka reproduce (bow chicka wow wow). Now in our modern society “survive” is translated […]

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Growth Tip #11: The “Get Right to the Point” Landing Page

“The trick isn’t adding stuff, it’s taking it away.” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook. Love him or hate him Mark’s got a good point. Sometimes we think adding more will increase our conversions. Add another button, another paragraph, another slider, another flashy annoying blinking gif, and that will get the website visitor to want to buy more, right? Not […]

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Growth Tip #10: The Handwritten Thank You Letter

Aside from getting customers, the next most important task as a business is to KEEP customers. If that’s your challenge, this tip is for you. What’s one thing you look at every day no matter what? Physical mail? We all review and sort our physical mail into junk, read, and whatever piles (paper mache stash?). With digital […]

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Growth Tip #9: The Personalized Call-to-Action

Nobody wants a one size fits all solution. Everyone is a unique individual and should be treated that way. In face-to-face sales, you would learn about the person you’re trying to help and personalize your approach and solution to fit them. Doing so goes a long way to winning the sale. On your website, you want to do […]

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Growth Tip #8: The Quick Feedback Request

When it comes to feedback, nothing beats face-to-face selling. Reading tone, body language, word usage, etc, tells you a TON about how your prospective customer is receiving your sales message, allowing you to adjust in real time. However, the downside to face-to-face sales is scaling – you just can’t do it affordably. We don’t have that luxury […]

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Growth Tip #7: The Lean Homepage A/B Test

Your homepage is the most important page on your website. It’s the hub visitors will use to get around and the most visited page on your site. Therefore, it should be on the top of your priority list to test and optimize at least quarterly, if not monthly. Over the last 550+ websites I helped build, […]

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Growth Tip #6: The Promise-Loaded Headline

You only have about 7 seconds to capture the interest of a website visitor.Headlines are the hook that website visitors scan to decide if it’s worth their time to keep reading. You may have the most life changing content in the world, but if the headline is blander than a cardboard sandwich, your visitor won’t […]

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