Because Facebook wants individuals to use their personal accounts for advertising, it created Business Manager as a way to assign multiple employees and/or agencies to each of your companies’ assets (Fan Pages or Ad Accounts) on Facebook. Once you have your Facebook ad account set up through the business manager, you may want to assign an agency to be able to […]

Now that you know how to enhance your website’s performance, let’s talk security. There are few things more gut wrenching than navigating to your website and, instead of finding your homepage, seeing a pirate skull. You’ve been hacked. Your credibility has been damaged. You may have lost potential customers, and you may lose current customers. […]

The Mire of Website Development Ours is an industry ripe with distrust as a result of many agencies over-promising and underdelivering. The general response I hear when I talk to clients and friends about past website development experiences is an overwhelming groan of,“Oh what hell! I never want to go through that again. Things took […]