Website Maintenance Must-Dos

Website maintenance. Don’t ignore it. We like to say that website maintenance is like a car. If you don’t tune ‘er up consistently, you’re in for some big repair costs. In the maintenance world, those repair costs often come from scripts that scour the internet for poorly managed websites they can hack. Today I will be […]

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Essential Elements of a High Performing Website – Security

Now that you know how to enhance your website’s performance, let’s talk security. There are few things more gut wrenching than navigating to your website and, instead of finding your homepage, seeing a pirate skull. You’ve been hacked. Your credibility has been damaged. You may have lost potential customers, and you may lose current customers. […]

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The Future of SiteSmash

The Mire of Website Development Ours is an industry ripe with distrust as a result of many agencies over-promising and underdelivering. The general response I hear when I talk to clients and friends about past website development experiences is an overwhelming groan of,“Oh what hell! I never want to go through that again. Things took […]

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The Story of SiteSmash

“This is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.” – The Fresh Prince It Starts Back in 2015—so long ago—Pete and I were heading up the development team at Sebo Marketing. We’d been doing it for about two years and felt like we were finally starting to figure things out. […]

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