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Case Study: Therapy Tree – Review Generation

By Pete Rakozy

Case Study

The Story

Customer since February, 2018.

Therapy Tree is a speech and occupational therapy clinic providing therapy services for children. They rely heavily on referrals from doctors to acquire new patients. Those doctors usually provide two or three recommended clinics to work with so having an amazing online reputation is critical to the growth of their business.

Problem 1: Paying for Reviews With GIft Cards

Therapy Tree has a gift card program in place. For every review they received they would provide the reviewer with a $25 Amazon gift card. They were paying out hundreds of dollars a month for a handful of reviews. The whole process was manually as well, meaning a staff member would have to email the reviewer the gift card wasting precious time that should be spent on patients. 

The Solution: ReviewLead Automated Review Request

After setting up ReviewLead and uploading their first list, Therapy Tree started collecting reviews from patients automatically and without having to bribe them with Amazon gift cards. Their number of reviews also doubled that first month going for 8-10 reviews a month on average to 20-25.

Ben Rakozy

Director of Operations

This is awesome! For what I was paying in Amazon Gift Cards each month, I'm not paying to SiteSmash and getting double the reviews, automatically! This is well worth the investment.

Problem 2: Negative Reviews

Therapy Tree gets negative reviews like most businesses do. On occasion they make a mistake and no matter how hard they try to make things right, the customer won't have it. Or, insurance companies stop covering the patient and Therapy Tree has to inform them they can no longer be seen and the patient's parents get angry and lash out with a negative review. Or, the parents fail to do the at home exercises with their child and so he or she doesn't improve as fast as they would like resulting in a negative review.

There are numerous reasons why customers leave a review and in our experience very few of them are logical or valid.

The Solution: ReviewLead Feedback Capture

If a customer leaves a review of 3 stars and below they are directed to a feedback form that apologizes for their bad experience and ask them to detail the problem so a manager can address it quickly. This form when submitted notifies a manager at TherapyTree who then promptly reaches out to rectify the issue with the client or with the employee responsible. 

This step helps prevent negative reviews from landing on Google or Facebook, where it's really hard to get a review removed.

The Solution: Review Notifications & Response Templates

If the customer leaves a negative review without going through our ReviewLead system, then a notification is sent to business owner to respond. We provide our customers with training and templates for them to use when responding to negative reviews so they can avoid getting emotional and fighting with that customer through review channels (which looks horrible and does more damage than the original negative review)

Before ReviewLead

After ReviewLead

Total # of Reviews



Average Star Rating



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