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Case Study: World Class Auto – Review Generation

By Pete Rakozy

Case Study

World Class Auto

Customer Since March, 2018

The Story

World Class Auto is an automobile repair shop and one of the best in the state. They service thousands of customers a year. 

Not only are they a local business but the owner, Rod Martin, is also very active in the community, the chamber of commerce, and other community organizations. Those who know Rod know he's a no-nonsense upstanding individual who truly cares about his customers, family and friends. 

They aren't always the cheapest but they do the job right and at a fair price. Rob's reputation and that of his business have a huge impact on his small business success. 

The Problem: Not Enough Regular 4-5 Star Reviews

Local businesses need reviews to survive, especially auto shops. Most people ask friends or family on facebook for recommendations to a good affordable mechanic and then start the process of vetting the auto shop by checking out reviews on Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and other directories.

World Class Auto needed to get their customers to leave reviews regularly, a few each week. This was so that they could continue to show up well in google search results, google map results and also so that the few bad reviews they had from years ago, could get buried as they represented either crazy impossible to please customers or the occasional mistake that every business makes.

World Class Auto didn't have time to manually ask for reviews either. They wanted to focus on running the shop and taking care of customers, not emailing 200+ customers a month manually. 

So how was World Class Auto to compete with others shops and stay in the top of local search results on Google?

The Solution: ReviewLead

Rod found SiteSmash through a local networking group. SiteSmash worked with Rod to set up a way for his business to get an average of 20-30 new reviews throughout the month.

Using their software, ReviewLead, SiteSmash was able to automate the process of asking for reviews from a monthly list of customers. 

SiteSmash would remote log in to the local shop computer, generate a customer list and then securely upload that to ReviewLead.

Once in ReviewLead, a series of three emails would go out telling the customer how much they were appreciated and to please leave a review.

If they left a review, the emails stopped. 

When they didn't respond, two more emails were sent. Texting invites were also sent.

One customer who got the emails remarked, "I wanted to leave a review but forgot, but then I got that third email and said to myself, 'I'm gonna do it! I've got time!' and I left the review."

When customers click the "Leave A Review" button they are given step by step instructions unique to where they chose to leave a review so they are never confused by how to leave a review (ie. Google vs Yelp, the review process is different).

On Review And Reputation Management

“[SiteSmash] has helped us go from a 4.2 to a 4.9 rating. You have no idea how hard that is to do but they did it.”

Rod Martin


Before SiteSmash

After SiteSmash


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