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Growth Tip #4: The HARO Brand Buzz Boost

Every business needs awareness. Whether a start up or mega corp, if people don’t know about you, they can’t buy.But building awareness doesn’t have to be expensive. One of the best ways to build buzz around your business is to help others out in exchange for a shout out.HARO (Help A Report Out) is a […]

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Growth Tip #3: The VIP Beta Launch

People love to feel important, to feel they’re first, or to feel like an insider.VIP launches create exclusivity which is a status change – the number one reason people buy. When you’re part of a special group that not everyone has access to, you feel great!Ironically, almost everyone is part of a VIP group. Check […]

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Growth Tip #1: Free T-Shirts

Everyone loves FREE! And everyone loves free t-shirts!Free is one of the greatest words to use when it comes to marketing.People love getting free stuff (just go to any convention and you’ll see people walking around with bags of free stuff, only to throw it away later (because who wants to pay for another carry […]

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