Continuous Improvement

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." - Winston Churchill

We’re big fans of Lean methodology. We try to apply the Build-Measure-Learn cycle to everything in our lives from our morning routine to how we build our websites.

The cycle goes like this:

Build something. Get your product or service started. Build something good enough that we can learn something from it. Know and understand the things that may go wrong, or the things that may go right in the initial run. This doesn’t mean that our goal is to deliver a less than desirable service; rather that we deliver something good enough to learn what we need to learn.

Measure the reaction. Figure out where we went wrong, why we went wrong, and how we fix it. Figure out where we went right, why we were right, and if there is anything more we can do to improve.

Learn something. Pivot or persevere? Did our product do well enough that we can just make some changes along the way? Are we on our way to reaching our overall goal? Or do we need to pivot or make a major course adjustment to get on the right path?

Every faction of our team follows this idea. The content team, the design team, the coders, the administrative team, and our company as a whole—we all use it to guide our decisions and to strive to improve every day.