Workshop Resources

Training Resources

DigitalMarketer Lab & LabElite - the go to tool box for digital marketing training, execution plans, swipe files, etc. This is my go to for all marketing tools, training and resources. Starts with a two week free trial.

DotCom Secrets - Free book on the core principles of digital marketing and how to build a basic funnel

Expert Secrets - Free book on how to build an information product to sell. Great for all businesses but especially coaches.

Recommended Tools

Clickfunnels - fast easy alternative to building a website easy and fast and tracking every step of the way (has a two week free trial)

ActiveCampaign - marketing automation tool that's actually easy to use (has a free level for basic actions and scalling cost based on the number of contacts you have

Google Analytics - the default free tools for tracking online marketing

ThriveThemes - wordpress theme with lots of built in marketing tools for only about $90 a quarter. Super easy to use page builder (it's what this site is built with)