Growth Tip #1: Free T-Shirts

Everyone loves FREE! And everyone loves free t-shirts!

Free is one of the greatest words to use when it comes to marketing.

People love getting free stuff (just go to any convention and you’ll see people walking around with bags of free stuff, only to throw it away later (because who wants to pay for another carry on of free swag?!).

One of the simplest and best ways you can promote your brand, build awareness, increase customer loyalty, and turn advocates into raving fans is with free company swag, as long as it’s good swag.

Recall those swag holders at the conventions?

At the end of the trip, they probably kept a few small things and among those was…you guessed it, the t-shirts.

So don’t waste money on things people will just throw away or put in a drawer and forget about until spring cleaning. Give away free t-shirts instead, because people will be wearing them long after that pen runs out of ink and goes the way of the dodo.

How to Execute this Growth Tip


Design & Print Fast

Get your designer or hold a contest at 99designs for a few initial designs for your company t-shirt. One settled, find a local shirt printer and get a small batch made up (of like 100-200). Ask them what sizes they recommend. They usually have an idea as to the most common shirt sizes requested. Don't worry about women's sizes, cuts, or anything. One cut, a handful of sizes. You can get fancy if you automate the process with a third party vendor.


Give, Give, Give

Make a list of prospects, friends, family, past clients, and current customers, and start sending or giving your new t-shirts away. Make sure to keep note of who you give shirts to so you can complete step 3.


Selfies & Hashtags

Contact everyone who got a shirt and ask them to take selfies with your shirt and post them on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. Ask them to post it with hashtags related to your business (ie. #sitesmash #growthmarketing #freeswag, etc)

Bonus: Want to really go the extra mile? Capture their birthday and send them another shirt (different design) on their birthday! That's a gift that's almost better than free tacos (...potential growth hack in the making?!?!?...)


What unconventional tactic have you used to boost growth?

Want a FREE SiteSmash T-Shirt?

Of course you do. You just read this post! Well, go on and get one! 

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