Growth Tip #2: The Perfect Welcome Email Sequence

With so much crowding our prospects' inboxes, chats, text, and more, brands are forgotten instantly - just like the name of the last person you shook hands with at that networking event.

If you don’t make a good first impression and work to build that relationship, customers will forget you.

One of the best ways to stay top of mind is with a welcome email sequence.

This is a three-to-four email sequence that introduces your best foot forward, shares your best content, and helps you and the customer bond, much like you would in real life if you were to meet and hit it off in person.

The great thing about this growth tip is once you set it up and automate it, you’re done! Then every new subscriber to your email list will get a warm and fuzzy personalized relationship-building interaction with you.

How to execute this growth tip


 Step into your customer’s shoes and think about what they would like to see in their first email from you. Do they want to feel happy, excited, helped, hopeful, confident?

Overall this should relate to the one core offering you provide that helps them achieve the desired transformation (ie. newbie marketer to funnel wizard).

Pro Tip: Be the guide, not the hero. Your customer is the hero, so use lots of customer-centric language like “you, yours” and minimize the “I, we, us” language. This can be a small but powerful change.


Write out your email in a Word Doc first. Remember to write out your subject line as well. Then decide how you want it to look.

Plain text or highly designed? Plain text emails are quick and easy to set up. ActiveCampaign also has lots of templates for you to use that are predesigned. 

Fiverr contractors can also create a template that fits your brand for cheap.


Automate the send out. Most email tools allow you to trigger an email to be sent when a new contact signs up for a lead magnet, newsletter, webinar, or becomes a customer.

(ActiveCampaign has pre-built automations you can import and voila, you’re done. Just modify the text to fit your brand.)

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