Growth Tip #26: The “Unboxing” Video

Everyone loves opening gifts. The excitement of tearing off the wrapping paper, pulling open the box top, and finally revealing what’s inside is almost as exciting as the gift itself.

If you’re a business owner who sells physical goods, you should try to recreate that childhood excitement with the unboxing of your product. Your goal should be to use the process of unboxing your product to create excitement, anticipation, and even educate along the way.

But that’s not all. Look at your whole business like an “unboxing event.” What’s it like to enter your store? What’s it like to demo a product? Whole Youtube channels have been dedicated to just unboxing items (hint hint) so it’s almost expected that your packaging should provide an experience.

So how do you create that experience for potential customers? One way is with an unboxing video for your product. Think of an unboxing video like a video demo of your product, but with liberties to be more fun and exciting (like Christmas morning!).

How to execute this growth tip


Search YouTube for unboxing videos. Watch a few to see what people are doing that's getting great reactions (look for views, likes, etc.). Most of these videos are made by customers, not brands, which allows you to step into the shoes of the customer and see the unboxing through their eyes. You'll gain great insights into how to create an unboxing video according to what matters to the end consumer.


Write up a script for your unboxing video. Outline what you want to talk about, what things to point out during the unboxing process, and what you think your customers would be most interested in. Take a look at Amazon's question section for similar products and look for trends in what people are asking, then highlight that information in your video.


Get to work producing your video. If budget and time allows, do a few variations. One variation could be a take of you unboxing the product. The other version could be of you cutting back and forth between unboxing shots and you talking on screen about what's going on. No need to hire a professional. Just shoot it and put it online.

PRO TIP: Lighting is critical in any video production so be sure to make sure your product is well lit for the unboxing. No need to spend a ton of money on a lighting kit. You can get some basic lighting kits on kit.co for under $200 bucks. You'll also find some good advice on what to get and how to set up your lighting kit as well.

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