Growth Tip #28: The Avatar-Targeted Blog Post

Two rules to growth are 1) stand in you customer’s shoes and 2) test everything. This post helps you do both.
When it comes to content, you’ll never get the results you want unless you’re willing to test new things. You may emulate the strategy one company uses only to find it’s not working for your target audience. Why is that? Your target audience isn’t the same as another company’s.
Think back to when you were a kid. When you wanted something really bad, like a toy or to visit a friend’s house. First you would go ask mom. How you would ask mom was tailored to mom and you knew just what to say to get her to say yes. If she said “no” you would go ask dad. Your tactics for asking dad for permission most likely was different than the tacts for your mom, right?
The same goes with your audience. When you step into your customer’s shoes and view the world through their eyes, you can create a targeted blog post that speaks to them the way they want to be spoken to. Your goal is to create a compelling piece of content for a very specific type of person.

How to execute this growth tip


Look at your customer base you have right now. Who is your ideal customer? Do some research and put together a profile of that ideal customer. What are their challenges? Pain points? Interests? Hobbies? Demographics? Heroes, etc. Then pick a topic that would interest them. That topic should cater exclusively to that customer avatar. Get as specific as possible. Remember the example above? Don't just write for all the mom's of the world, write for YOUR mom (aka your ideal customer).


Once you've picked your topic, write your blog post. Use a tool like Buzzsumo to find related influencers who have also created content around that same topic who might be willing to share your post with their followers once you push it live on your site.


Publish and promote! Start by emailing the list of influencers you found earlier and asking them to share your post with their readers. Then share to your social sites to blast the good message.

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