Growth Tip #30: The Social Media/Blog Giveaway

Remember the power of the word “FREE”? Combine that with a contest and you’ve got one of the oldest and best ways to build an audience. People love to win free stuff and even more so if it’s a competition. That dynamic duo makes winning exciting, no matter your age.

The goal of this growth tip is to help you build brand awareness, grow your email list, increase traffic to your website, and land more customers. The way we do this is by launching a giveaway on your blog or a contest on one of your social media channels. Nothing brings people out of the woodwork like a free giveaway so boost weak engagement and traffic to your website by launching a giveaway. 

How to execute this growth tip


Once again, step into your customer's shoes. Having created an ideal customer profile already you should know what they like and would love to win, people they follow, brands they love, etc. Take all the customer knowledge and brainstorm some ideas of what you could giveaway. Make it awesome and exciting. Lame prizes will get your audience about as excited as a snowman at a sauna.


Use one of the recommended tools below to run your contest. The tools are worth it, trust me. They make the capturing of emails, sharing the contest with others, and the selection of the winner a breeze. The best ones allow contestants to earn more entries for every tweet, share, or post they share.


Launch your contest! Get it blasted all over your social channels, emails, etc. Be sure to set a deadline for when the contest will end to add a little scarcity to the mix. Invite others to invite their friends to participate as well.

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