December 26


Growth Tip #13: The Screencast Product Demo

By Pete Rakozy

Growth Tips

Your brain is designed to conserve calories. You know what burns calories? Trying to understand something.
When the brain is presented new information, it works hard to figure out if this new information will help it survive (live to see tomorrow) or thrive, aka reproduce (bow chicka wow wow).
Now in our modern society “survive” is translated into, “will this help me get what I want?”
The best way to communicate this to online visitors is with video. Visuals communicate 60K times faster than text, so adding images and videos to explain what you do is 100% in your favor.
If you’re looking to experiment with adding more video to your business, then start with a product demo video. Your customers want to know “What does this do and why should I care?” and a product demo video is a great way to do answer this. They are easy to make, share, and test.

How to execute this growth tip


Get into your customers' shoes and really think about their problem they want solved and why. Think about how your product solves this, and what is the fastest way you can get them to that "ah-ha" moment where they realize they can't live without your product. Document the steps to the "ah-ha" moment with as many details as possible.


Write up a script that for your product demo. Start basic, just explaining the problem the customer is facing, followed by the end result and the step-by-step process for how your product helps them get there.

Remember, people don't buy products, they buy the transformation the product provides (e.g., new fancy car = elevated status among friends).

Then practice the demo 3-5 times before recording.


Use one of the tools below to record your demo. No need for fancy titles, intros, or transitions, just hit record and work your script. You can pretty it up later to see if that improves conversions.

Of the tools below, I recommend Useloom.com. It lets you record your screen and your face (people buy from humans not companies), which is a nice touch. You also get alerts when people watch it. You can embed it in emails, and people watching can even interact, leave comments, questions, or emoji reactions. All great ways to collect feedback on your demo for future versions.

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Wisconsin farm boy through and through moved to the "big" city of Eagle Mountain, Utah to help businesses break free of their reliance on marketing agencies by building their own quality internal marketing team that doesn't cost them an arm and a leg.

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