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Growth Tip #15: The Elevator Pitch Explainer Video

By Pete Rakozy

Growth Tips

Before I figured this tip out, I used to struggle with the question, “What do you do?” I’d go into what I intended to be a 20 second elevator pitch only to end 10 minutes later with, “it’s complicated” or “did that make sense?” to which my glassy eyed listener would say, “Kinda” and politely excuse themselves.
Wasted opportunity.
In business, you have about 30 seconds to get your point across, unless you do it in a way that intrigues the listener and get’s them to “raise their eyebrows” and ask more. Being able to deliver your pitch fast and confidently will allow you to get more doors opened, and in return, grow your business.
It’s best to practice your pitch and then record it. You can even upload it to one of those fancy video cards that auto play your pitch perfectly every time.
When done right, your pitch doesn’t even sound like a pitch. It sounds like the story your potential customer tells themselves everyday about their problem your product or service solves. And we all know that stories do the real selling.
Here’s how you can create a stellar Explainer Video.

How to execute this growth tip


Think about the story your customer tells themself about their problem. We use a tool called the BrandScript (by StoryBrand) to map this out. Every story begins with a character (your customer) who has a problem then meets a guide (you), who shows them a plan to solve their problem. That character is then called to act on that problem with your solution, which will either result in success if they follow your plan, or failure if they don't.


Write out your script for explaining your pitch in story format. I recommend going to Kickstarter and watching several pitch videos. You'll notice the same pattern as above in all the winners.


Begin the actual production of your video. Video can be expensive, so try doing it yourself with iMovie. Then as your customer base grows, hire some videographers to shoot it for you. Depending on what you offer, you may be able to work out a trade with a videographer as well.

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About Pete Rakozy

Wisconsin farm boy through and through moved to the "big" city of Eagle Mountain, Utah to help businesses break free of their reliance on marketing agencies by building their own quality internal marketing team that doesn't cost them an arm and a leg.

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