January 7


Growth Tip #19: The Expert Round Up

By Pete Rakozy

Growth Tips

Think back to when you first got started doing what you do. Did you just step out into the world one day and start trying to do your craft? Most likely not.

If you’re like me, you probably spent tons of time researching and learning all you could first. And who did you look to for information? Experts. Those who had the knowledge you wanted.

If you’ve been creating content (blogs, post, videos, podcast, etc) week after week and not getting the traffic you expected, then it’s time to change up your strategy.

One strategy you can use to drive more traffic to your site and reach new audiences is by creating a piece of content we call The Expert Round Up. These are round-up-style pieces of content that include tips, tricks, advice, stories, and experiences from real experts who have voiced their knowledge on a particular topic or question.

These are great for growing your network, building relationships, identifying other key influencers, and all in all bringing new visitors to your website where you can provide them value, capture their email, and turn them into leads and then customers.

How to execute this growth tip


Pick a topic you want to get some input on from some experts. Create a question to send them that is both interesting yet broad enough to elicit a variety of interesting answers.


Build a list of experts you'd like to have answer this question for you content. Create a form you can send to your list that includes your question and text area for them to answer the question. Be sure to include fields that capture their name, title, and website.


Send out emails to the experts/influencers telling them about your topic and asking them if they would complete the form. Be sure to thank them and tell them their participation would make your day, or better yet, their year. Feel free to bulk send these using a tool like Mailshake or send them individually and customize each invite for better response.

About Pete Rakozy

Wisconsin farm boy through and through moved to the "big" city of Eagle Mountain, Utah to help businesses break free of their reliance on marketing agencies by building their own quality internal marketing team that doesn't cost them an arm and a leg.

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