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Growth Tip #29: The Top Post Digest

By Pete Rakozy

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The problem with creating content on the regular for your business is that you’re consistently pushing your best content to the bottom of your blog, wall, feed, etc. As that content get’s buried over time its no longer visible to new visitors readily.
As a marketer you need to ensure your top content is always showcased by creating what we call a Top Post Digest. A Top Post Digest is a compilation of the best content you have created.
Think of it as your favorite clothes you wear when you want to make a great first impression. That’s your top content and you want it to be super easy to find for new website visitors just learning about your brand.
There are lots of ways to implement variations of the Top Post Digest tip as well. You could pin popular post to the top of your social feeds, add them as a “Start Here” menu option to your website. Create a “Must Read” email automation that delivers that top content to your new subscribers or simply provide links to them on a homepage section labeled “Top Post”.
Test out all sorts of variation but keep in mind, the goal is to keep the gold in front of your visitors always.

How to execute this growth tip


Dive into Google Analytics and compile a list of your most visited posts. Look for metrics that show high traffic over a larger time frame, 6 months plus. Reference social media for shares, likes, and engagement stats as well to help you see what post people enjoyed. Pick 3-5 and decide how you want to share these posts in list format. You could write a blog post highlighting the top post with short ad-like descriptions of the contents of each, or crate an infographic, or an email.


Create your digest. Topical digests are great or step-by-step digest are even better (where you link together progressing tips or ideas). Remember that the introduction of this page is your "hook" and needs to be compelling or readers will drop off the page. Summarize each post in your list with one to two sentences and link to the full post.


Post your digest. This is your best content so make it easy to find, navigate, and share. Add lots of social share buttons, call to actions to sign up for future posts, even link to this page in your email signature.

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