February 16


Growth Tip #32: Weekly Roundup Blog Post

By Pete Rakozy

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Content is hard to create, no doubt about it. It takes hours to research, write, edit and post a good article or post and twice that for well-produced videos. As a business owner, you don’t have time to waste but you need to build up credibility around you, your brand and the products you sell. Building credibility allows you to attract better customers, hires, and position yourself in the industry as a thought leader.
One of the best ways for you to start making a name for yourself is with the Weekly Roundup Blog Post. Instead of putting together a list of your top posts you scour the internet for the best posts of other thought leaders and curate those into a post that’s great for sharing with your list and others.
Why it works:
The problem you’re solving is that there is sooooo much information out there that it’s a chore to sift through it all and find the gems. You’re doing that for your reader saving them lots of time and laying the gems at their feet making it easy for them to stay in the know.

How to execute this growth tip


Start easy. Pick a topic related to your business that you are passionate about and already are reading up on daily. As a bonus picking a topic related to your products helps to educate your audience on why they need them without directly pitching.


Do some research. If you've picked your topic related to your business, you're already searching for articles to keep your self up to date. Save those to a tool like Pocket or Feedly. You can also use tools like BuzzSumo, Redit, Twitter, and Google search to see what's trending and popular around your topic.


Gather up the links to the post you like most and add them to your weekly roundup blog post. Go the extra mile and write a few sentences about your thoughts on the post and why you felt it was important for your reader. Once it's live and has been emailed out to your list, let those who wrote the article you linked to know and ask them to share your post with their readers.

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