February 18


Growth Tip #33: The Free Helpful Tool That Converts

By Pete Rakozy

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If you’ve been reading these growth tips long enough you know that our whole goal is to map out the customer value journey first then use these tips to help each visitor progress down that journey. As they do they develop a deeper relationship with your brand and business.

Along the process if you help your customers solve ever increasingly complex problems you get them to care more about you. By creating an original interactive tool that solves a specific tool for your customer, you can do that and win life long customers.

How to execute this growth tip


In order to decide what type of tool you want to make your need to answer four questions first. 

  1. How will this tool help my customer?
  2. Does this tool have SEO value?
  3. How much will it cost me to build this tool?
  4. Will this allow me to build my email list and nurture my relationship with that potential customer?

Now go to work building your tool. Remember to keep it simple. It doesn't need to take years to develop, it just has to solve a specific problem. Ideally create something that doesn't require a developer, like a Word Template, Excel Tool, a cheat sheet, reference charts, even a quiz or calculator (like the one I just used to calculate how much paint I would need to paint my bedroom walls).


Decide where you are going to host your tool. Will it live on your website, Google Drive, or someplace else. For simple tools like checklist, cheat sheets, calendars, and guides, create a simple landing page or post and write all sorts of SEO optimized copy selling the benefits of the tool  and then make it search engine friendly.

Remember never to sacrifice human experience for search engine results. Don't forget to automate delivery of your tool with ActiveCampaign or another program.

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