March 6


Growth Tip #36: The Upsell Email

By Pete Rakozy

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I had a sales coach tell me that you can sell your service/product all day long but if you don’t ask the prospect to buy, they never will. After all your sales copy, email promotion, ad retargeting, and persuasive marketing maneuvering, sometimes the only thing left to do is ask them to buy. 

To send an upsell email that gets people to buy, you need to do it in a way that convinces people you want to help without coming off like a sleazy car salesman. The best way to do this is to set up the correct context and clearly communicate how they should buy.

How to execute this growth tip


Take a look at the example upsell emails below. The goal is to add value with the upsell, not sell them something completely unrelated. After reviewing, pick which type of upsell you'll send.


Jump into your email tool (like ActiveCampaign) and create a segment of customers who have previously purchased. Segment them by what they purchased and then craft an upsell offer for each segment. Keep it simple at first and just focus on one segment, but if you've got the time, add more.


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