March 6


Growth Tip #37: The LinkedIn Group Authority Hack

By Pete Rakozy

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LinkedIn is quickly becoming a social platform for businesses. When people are on LinkedIn they are in a very different mindset, a business mindset, which is awesome for you! This means you don’t have to try and take someone on Facebook or Instagram, interrupt them and get them to go from mindless scrolling to business thinking. People on LinkedIn are usually looking for things to help them progress their business and careers.

If you set yourself up as an authority in their field they will look to you for guidance and direction and eventually become a customer or send people your way. One way you can establish this authority is by creating your own LinkedIn group around a particular topic that relates to your business or industry, or better yet, join one and be the most actively contributing user. 

How to execute this growth tip


Pick a topic you want to talk discuss frequently with others, ideally related to your product or service.


Go to LinkedIn and create or join a group about that topic.


Use the LinkedIn advanced search feature to find people with similar interests or that fit your customer profile and invite them to your group.

PRO TIP: DON'T SELL! This isn't a group to peddle your goods. It's designed to establish you as someone who provides value and as the expert. If people feel you actually care about them and want them to succeed via your advice (which should be genuine) then naturally they will want to buy whatever it is you're selling when the time is right.

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