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Growth Tip #38: The Exclusive Interview Blog Hack

By Pete Rakozy

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This hack is also known as the Expert Q&A round up. Here you’re not reaching out to other blogs to get your post on their sites, but instead, you’re reaching out to industry experts and influencers to include them in a Q&A style post for your own blog.

This allows you to show your prospects that you know the right people, allows you to be credible by association, and creates link-worthy content that others will want to share, resulting in some traffic for your website.

How to execute this growth tip


Make a list of the industry experts or partners that you'd like to interview for your blog. Tools like ahrefs and Buzzsumo are great for finding people who have created content that is well shared, a clue that the writer is an industry influencer. Shoot for a list of 100 people, 25 in each medium category (ie. bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, social media)


Create a spreadsheet with those 100 and start collecting all the information you can about them like phone, email, social handles, website, etc.


Start to follow, comment, and engage with their content. This ups the chances that when you sent the email to invite them, that they will respond because you're an active member of their community. Send that email, pitch your topic, and ask to set up a time to record the interview via Zoom.

PRO TIP: Send that Zoom video to rev.com and get it transcribed for your post.

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