December 12


Growth Tip #6: The Promise-Loaded Headline

By Pete Rakozy

Growth Tips

You only have about 7 seconds to capture the interest of a website visitor.

Headlines are the hook that website visitors scan to decide if it’s worth their time to keep reading. You may have the most life changing content in the world, but if the headline is blander than a cardboard sandwich, your visitor won’t keep reading.

Crafting a captivating headline is a must-have growth skill and one of the easiest things to do and test on your website, ads, landing pages, and more.

Great headlines keep visitors on your website longer. The longer they are there, the more opportunity you have to educate them about your company being the solution they are looking for. 

Write headlines with a promise, not a fact or feature. Promising something in a headline triggers our need to say “prove it” and see if the promise is true.

How to execute this growth tip


Just like gold, good headlines are usually buried at the bottom of the pile of "words ideas," so make a list of 25-50 headlines to get all your ideas out on paper. Usually one or two of those will be really good, 5-7 will be okay and worth testing, and the rest are garbage. That's just the creative process.


Do some research. Google related keywords and see what headlines rank top. Do the same with BuzzSumo to see what the headlines are of other top shared posts. (We do this as a second step because we don't want our headline ideas to just be blatant rip-offs of the top performers.) 

Take the top headlines you've written and modify them to create a few variations that model other top performing headlines.


Use a tool like Google Optimize, Optimizely, or ThriveThemes to A/B Test your headlines. Another cheap way to test headlines is to run Facebook posts, tweets, or LinkedIn post with those headlines and link to you website. Measure which headline gets the most click throughs and that's your winner.

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About Pete Rakozy

Wisconsin farm boy through and through moved to the "big" city of Eagle Mountain, Utah to help businesses break free of their reliance on marketing agencies by building their own quality internal marketing team that doesn't cost them an arm and a leg.

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