December 17


Growth Tip #9: The Personalized Call-to-Action

By Pete Rakozy

Growth Tips

Nobody wants a one size fits all solution.

Everyone is a unique individual and should be treated that way.

In face-to-face sales, you would learn about the person you’re trying to help and personalize your approach and solution to fit them. Doing so goes a long way to winning the sale.

On your website, you want to do the same thing. The best way to do this is to customize your website copy, colors, and imagery to speak directly to your target customer.

To stand out, you have to learn how your customer talks (refer to the Growth Tip on quick feedback) and speak back to them in their language. Dig deep. Get personal. Step into their shoes and learn to talk like they do. Then change the copy in your marketing to reflect that. Call them to action the way they would call you to action.

How to execute this growth tip


Set up a website optimization tool like Google Optimize, Optimizely, or VWO. Read up on how to use them properly or hire out the set up to someone on Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com, or contact us (shameless plug).


Dig into your customer research. Call 100 customers. Talk to you customer service team (if you have one) or review support tickets.

Take not of how your customers are talking about the problems they have and the problems you solve. Using your customers wording, create some alternative text, headlines, and button text that you can test.


Create and launch your A/B button test and let it run until the tool you're using declares a winner. Then set the winning version live across your whole site (i.e., if "Wrangle these Savings" wins out over "Get your Discount" then be sure to change all your "Get your Discount" buttons to "Wrangle these Savings." Then go buy some Wranglers and ride a mechanical bull. You'll thank me later.) 

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About Pete Rakozy

Wisconsin farm boy through and through moved to the "big" city of Eagle Mountain, Utah to help businesses break free of their reliance on marketing agencies by building their own quality internal marketing team that doesn't cost them an arm and a leg.

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