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Project Manager


This position is for 20-30 hours a week with the expected start date on or around March 6, 2017. Pay is between $10.00 -$15.00 an hour and is negotiable based on experience. 

SiteSmash is looking for a project manager who will provide the much needed constraints to the unbridled creativity of our team. The PM’s mission is to ensure organization within the internal team at SiteSmash, maintain (and exceed) expectations with all clients, and help clients and team members feel valued and overjoyed with the SiteSmash process and vision. This role requires proactivity and precision in both communication and time management as well as a large dose of emotional intelligence.

Our company is made up of builders and storytellers, and your job would be to ensure projects are being completed on time and budget and that clients have a crystal clear idea of where their project is in the development process at all times. Satisfying clients is one thing, but blowing their mind by extreme forethought, attention to detail, and kind communication is what we expect you will do on a regular basis.

You are:

  • An emotionally aware professional, you love to make people happy!
  • Insanely organized, but you never sacrifice effectiveness for efficiency’s sake
  • A storyteller with a passion for building remarkable experiences
  • A wonderful communicator, can stay calm under stress
  • Self managed. You get immense pleasure from crossing off “to do” items on your wonderfully organized task list
  • Not afraid of conflict, and willing to see a conversation, project, or activity through
  • Continually learning and improving, finding quicker or more effective ways to do a task


As project manager you will be the face of the company to all clients, beginning with the project kick off meeting all the way to launch. In your regular communication with clients you will also be the critical element to ensuring the team and project is on track, often requiring you to meet individually with team members and contractors. Often you will bear news to clients that they don’t want to hear, and you will share such info in a way that they will like you and SiteSmash even more than before. As the most organized and project-aware member of the team you will:

  1. Manage the project so it stays within the initial project budget.
  2. Set projects live before the launch date OR manage client expectation if the project is taking longer than projected.
  3. Manage client relationship by keeping them happy, informed, and involved. 
  4. Be consistently rated at 90% or above by clients on a satisfaction scale at the end of a project. They will like you, a lot.


No degree is required for this position, only solid evidence that you can be awesome and do everything listed above. Don’t have a background to prove it? Propose a different way you can do the job. This is a startup company and thus the environment is entrepreneurial in nature. That being said, the preferred candidate will have:

  • Experience with project management programs such as Basecamp or Asana
  • Budgeting and tracking experience
  • Proficient in Excel and Google apps
  • Writing/editing experience a plus!