Getting to our Office

Finding our office is hard. It’s a maze of halls, doors, stairs and restaurants. We provided three options below to help you find it.

First you’ve got to park. Do it here:

Video Walkthrough

Use the video to visuall guide you! For best results start at the north west corner of the North University Avenue and Center Street intercection.

Boring Ol’ Google Maps

You can use the boooooring Google Maps Option below.


Now that’s what I’m talking about! Fun filled happy hunting that leads you to our coding aboad. Want to have fun finding us then follow the scavenger hunt directions below:

Coming Soon (Hey these things take time. Trampolines are fun but they weren’t created in a day! Many people broke many a bone creating that masterpiece of gravity defying enjoyment!


Snail Mailing:
Site Smash LLC
PO Box 894
Provo, UT 84603