Guide your Customers from Strangers to Raving Fans with a Predictable marketing system.

Customers just want to "date" first before buying. Put in place an automated system that allows them to "date" your brand a lot and then buy.

Better Websites

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Less Work

Are you Marketing Your Small Business Correctly?

  • Is it hard to get new leads?
  • Are you lost as to what to do next?
  • Does marketing give you a headache?
  • Is it hard to explain what you do?
  • Did your last marketing effort fail?
  • Does your website embarrase you? 

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How to "Date" Your Customers

Customers have all the power now when it comes to buying decisions. They are only a few taps away from your latest reviews, content, or competitors. With so much choice, it's the brands that "date" there customers through carefully crafted and sequenced emails and landing pages that a perfect stranger becomes a customer and then a raving fan.  This whole process is also called a funnel but we like to refer to it as a Customer Value Journey.

Why? Because each step the consumer takes to solving their problem is one in which we want to add value. This journey to solving their problem is where we stand out from the competition by helping the customer make bigger and bigger steps and commitments toward our solution to their problem.

This funnel, when built right can become a predictable sales system for your company. Input one dollar in marketing spend and get two back. That's the goal with each funnel.  

The Eight Fundamentals of a Funnel

If you don't have these in your company, you're losing customers.

Part 1: Clear Messaging

Your pickup line - Classy and clear

If you confuse your potential customers they won't buy, no matter how amazing your product or service is.  Using the StoryBrand seven part messaging framework we can help you simplify even the most complex messages. 

Part 2: A Website That Works

Kinda like First Impressions - Dress to impress

Most businesses create a website for them. It's the colors and copy they like. The website screams "We built this for us!" Websites that work are built for the customer with customer input. Did you ask your customers for help in building a site they can use?

Part 3: Lead Generating PDF

Kinda like: "What's your number?"

This is a piece of content that delivers tons of value in exchange for a name and email.  It helps a prospect solve a small pain they are experiencing. Think of it like the first date!

Part 4: Nurturing Email Sequence

Kinda like follow up text, calls, flirting, etc.

After the lead generating PDF is downloaded you need to continue to "date" the prospect by adding more value through short, useful emails. 

Part 5: Entry Point Offer

Kinda like, "Want to get coffee?"

This is a low cost high value item that turns the prospect into a customer. Once the customer has spent even 1 dollar with you the relationship has changed and they are 10x more likely to buy from you again.

Part 6: Core Offer

Kinda like: "Dinner Friday Night?

This is your flagship service or product. The thing you do super well. If your offer sucks, no amount of marketing will fix it. But since we only work with those who've made $1 million in revenue or more, you product doesn't suck.

Part 7: Profit Maximizer

Kinda like: "Will you marry me?

Two purchases means you have a true customer. The relationship is off to a solid start. Each purchase after this nets you more profit without greatly increasing cost.

Part 8: Return Path

Kinda like: (Flowers, Date night, Love notes

THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. If you don't want your customers to "divorce" you got to keep dating them. Use emails, social media, chat bots, whatever to continue to introduce more value to your customer and keep that relationship healthy! 

What our Customers Say


We had a client whose website didn't quite tell the true story of who they were or why they do they what they do. [SiteSmash] dug one question after another until eventually, we had successfully mapped the true, simple story of the entire company's reason for being. It was so simple, and every one us could get behind it 100%. I remember looking around and seeing in everyone's eyes the "how have we not figured this out before" look. After that, it was built, launched, quick and we're happy


Chris Lewis

Sebo Marketing


Pete Rakozy is meticulous in guiding CEObuilder through the development of a marketing plan that produces new clients--and helps retain the clients that we have. 


Rich Tyson


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Marketing Managers

With so much on their plate they don't have time to build funnels. We help them convert their goals into reality.

How to Create a Predictable Selling System

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