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We had a client whose website didn't quite tell the true story of who they were or why they do they what they do. I got to sit in on the discovery meeting. They dug one question after another until eventually, we had successfully mapped the true, simple story of the entire company's reason for being. It was so simple, and every one us could get behind it 100%. I remember looking around and seeing in everyone's eyes the "how have we not figured this out before" look. After that, it was built, launched, quick and we're happy.


Chris Lewis

Marketing Coordinator - Sebo Marketing


SiteSmash has helped us get further in three months than we could have done in a year on our own. We've been able to turn our contracted team into full time employees. We've built several funnels and have clarified our message for several customer types.  Pete and his team have given us the direction and training we've needed to take a huge step toward being self sufficient in our marketing.


Adam Boyd

VP of Sales - Beneplace


Pete Rakozy is meticulous in guiding CEObuilder through the development of a marketing plan that produces new clients--and helps retain the clients that we have. 


Rich Tyson

CEO of CEObuilder