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10 Ideas for Social Media Posts for HVAC Companies

By Jessica Young

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You are a company building walls or laying shingles or installing HVAC, so who has the time create unique, engaging scroll-stopping content? I want to give you some content ideas just for construction, roofing, HVAC, or plumbing companies. Whether it’s for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, these ideas work for all heating and cooling companies. 


1.Time-lapse — There is nothing more satisfying seeing a project completed in super speed. So, set down the camera in a well-lit area and leave it on time-lapse mode and let it capture all the work getting done. Like this company, its content is full of exceptional time-lapses and project recaps.

Timelapse of cutting wood

2. Instructional Video — you’re an expert in your field, so be that expert online. Take 30-seconds and let your audience know of a quick trick that you may think is second nature. Instagram and Facebook stories are an excellent tool to do this in real-time and then it can be saved. Like Main Street Comfort here, teaching their followers how to quiet a noisy AC unit. 

hvac instagram social post ideas

3. Work Hack — The trick that saves you time, share it! While on the job, take a moment to notice those timesaving or money-saving acts, make a video explaining or show a picture of your unlikely hack.  

4. Favorite Tools — Snap a quick picture of your favorite tool at the moment. It doesn’t need to be fancy, and the best part is this could be a series of explaining why you love it. Like Kroger Construction here, they simply got a shot of the tools in the back of their truck. Also teaching us, that things can be kept simple! 

5. History Lesson — Take the time to explain the backstory of your company. What made you begin this company or did you inherit it from family? Give that story so you can show everyone your beginnings. 

6. Organization — Another tip post, but all of us on social media eat it up! In a photo or video show us how you organize your truck, van, workspace. That could be anything to labeling parts or how you organize the space while installing an HVAC system. Like this HVAC company, showing how they reorganized their work van. 

hvac company instagram post

7. Before and After — these can be some of the most engaging content you post, we all love to see something absolutely horrible/messy come together so cleanly. So, before you begin working on a project, snap a pic and take another when you finish. This before picture is shown by Drywall Nation makes you want to keep clicking through the carousel of photos to see more. 


8. Employee Spotlight — The best thing about this is you can keep repeating it week by week. Snap a pic of them working and share a few interesting facts about them to all of your followers. Your followers want to see that when they hire you, who will be on the project. Bonus, your employee will be so excited you showcased them, they’ll want to share it on their social sites, further increasing your reach.

9. Bad Side of Things — If the project site gets flooded or your work truck breaks down, show that ugly side of working and how you’re going fix it, this keeps your feed authentic. A constant flow of happy-go-lucky posts may not resonate with people, because life is tough. But posting constant negativity isn’t helpful either. Finding that balance of being encouraging while also being authentic is tricky, but worth it. And bonus, this would be great to post in your stories on Facebook and Instagram, showing it play out in real-time! 

instagram social hvac post ideas

10. Reshare Your Love — Sharing content and tagging the original owner allows you to make those virtual friends and hopefully, those sites will turn around do the same thing to you, which just broadens your reach. More insights and tactics about how to find experts in your field and how to round up experts for a blog or social post.

BONUS TIP: turn any one of these post ideas into a series. You can take your instructional videos and use it for #TipTuesday or every week you give a spotlight to current job site. 

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