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Internet Marketing & SEO Program Overview

Maximize your lead flow by getting your internet marketing right.

Below you'll find our general program overview. This path to profits is customized to meet your roofing business at it's current revenue level and double it in 12 months or less.


We look forward to working with you to take your online marketing efforts to the next level, with a strong focus on SEO, Conversion, Maps Optimization & Paid Search.

Our goal is to help you increase your sales and grow your revenue by fully maximizing your lead flow online. Below is a visual we call “The Digital Dominance Method”™. It outlines our roadmap to help you fully maximize your lead flow as you grow your Plumbing and / or HVAC business.


Your website is the foundation for showing up in search. 

Pay Per Click

Generate leads now, convert them into appointments, get revenue flowing asap.


Recapture those leads that fall through the cracks and get them back on calendar.

Paid Online Directories

Ensure your business information is correct on Yelp, YP, Houzz, and more. 

Pay Per Lead

Leverage the popularity of HomeAdvisor, Network, Google Lead Service Ads to get even more leads.

Social Media Advertising

Use Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to stay top of mind for roof seekers and referrers. 

Referral Program

Empower your happy customers to effectively send their friends and family your way. Word of mouth sales are easy to close.

Repeat & Referral

Build more service lines that allow you to generate more money off your existing customers.


Best in Class Website Built to Convert:

Our program starts with the foundation of your Internet marketing strategy which is your website. If you don’t have a website that is built to convert visitors to callers then none of your Internet marketing efforts will bear fruit. We will develop & roll out a new and improved version on your website on your domain (www.yoursite.com). The new site will be mobile responsive and optimized for both SEO & Conversion.

$250K in New Monthly Revenue from Digital Marketing

"The double your sales strategy session was one of the most enlightening marketing workshops I've ever experienced. Pete really knows his stuff and by golly, we came out of that session with a clear plan of who our customer really was, how to target them, and what the plan was to achieve growth. In fact, over the last year of working with Pete and the team at SiteSmash, during peak season we generate $250,000 a month in new revenue from digital marketing alone!"

Reed Haws - CEO - CTI Roofing - Bountiful, Utah

Search Engine Optimization: 

The key to an effective SEO strategy for your roofing business is fresh, unique content. Our copywriting team will write unique content for the top 15 Roofing services and 10 of the sub-cities in your service area (Your Main City + 10 sub-cities). We will then incorporate that fresh content into the website with proper on-page optimization.

Link Building & Authority Development:

Once design, development, content and on-page SEO work is complete, the only way to get your site to rise above the competition is by building authority and relevance with quality inbound links. We will systematically develop inbound links from quality sources on your behalf via Competitive Link Acquisition, Article Distribution, Video Distribution and a variety of other sources.

Map Listing & Directory Optimization:

One of the keys to getting ranked on the Google Map in your area is to be listed with consistent information on the important online directory sites. Our team will claim, optimize and build out your map and directory listings on popular map / directory sites such as Google My Business (a.k.a. Google Map Listing), Bing Local Listing, Yahoo Local Listing, Yelp, CitySearch, Angie's List, Judy’s Book and many other local directories. We will also do the necessary work to clean up any Name, Address & Phone Number inconsistencies on these online directory sites.

We will work diligently toward top page placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing in the Organic (non Pay-Per-Click) section of the Search Engines for the Plumbing  & / or HVAC Related Keywords in and around your service area.

Check In & Review Request System:

Two of the cornerstones of our strategy are Online Reviews & Consistently Posted Geo-Modified Content. We will be implementing NearbyNow on your behalf to help in both of these areas. 

  • Consistently Posted Geo-Modified Content - We will set up and train your technicians to use NearbyNow in the field. As they go about their day going from service call to service call, they will “check in” from their mobile devices and type a brief description of the job. This check-in activity will be synced to your website (specifically the city target pages on your site) and produce a heat map along with hyper-local unique content being posted on a consistent basis.
  • Review Request Automation – After checking in, your technicians will be able to send an already prepared email to the customer, requesting a testimonial that can be easily posted on one of the popular online review sites such as Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.

Reputation Management, Monitoring & Syndication:

Your online reputation is critical to the success or failure of your internet marketing efforts. To that end, we will be putting a reputation management system in place to alert you as new reviews are posted (Good, Bad or Indifferent). This way we can be aware of and address the occasional negative review & syndicate the positive reviews to share the good word. Our “positive review” syndication  tool will be set up to automatically post the good reviews on your website and social media profiles.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management:

There are few things more powerful than the combination of effective design, strong copy, SEO & Google AdWords. Let’s face it, you want high-quality leads on a consistent basis and you need results sooner than later. By rolling out an effective pay-per-click campaign we can start to generate highly qualified leads right out of the gates as soon as your new website is complete. 

There are a lot of moving parts involved in running an effective PPC  campaign. We will manage the entire process for you, including setting up the ad groups, selecting the proper keywords, writing effective text ads and mapping everything to the most compelling landing page. On an ongoing basis we will review and update your text ads, keywords, bids and landing pages to maximize conversion and return on investment.

Marketing Automation with Smart Forms:

One of the keys to a strong ROI from your online marketing is how effectively you can convert inquiries to “booked jobs”. We’ve found that leads followed up within 5 minutes or less are 10 times more likely to book. With that in mind we developed “Smart Forms” which will immediately follow up on your webforms via Phone (Direct Connect), Voice Mail & SMS Text Message.

Track, Measure & Quantify:

The goal of this program is to help you grow. In order to ensure we are delivering on that objective and to help you quantify the results of our efforts we will put the following tracking mechanism in place: 

  • Traffic & Search Trends - We will install Google Analytics on your website so that you can see exactly how many people are visiting on a monthly basis, what words they typed in to get to the site, what pages they went to, etc. You will receive this report every month via email.
  • SEO Page Placement Report - We will set up a report with the core keywords that we are looking to obtain placement for and systematically track that placement on Google, Yahoo and Bing. 
  • Call Tracking - We will set up call tracking and recording broken down by SEO vs. PPC. With this tracking in place we will be able to determine exactly how many inbound calls are coming into your office monthly via the Internet and drill down by SEO vs. PPC. You will even be able to listen to these calls to truly quantify the results & ROI.

Social Media Marketing:

We will leverage your existing social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter & Google My Business Posts. As part of this service, our team will be consistently posting to the major social media sites on your behalf on a daily basis. The majority of the posts will be informational in nature, e.g., “How to Pick a Roofer in Your City” or “How to Select the Right Shingles.”

eMail Marketing

With our email marketing service we will manage your ongoing campaign efforts by sending a monthly e-newsletter to your client base on your behalf.


This will include configuring the entire process, customizing the ads, setting up the landing pages and tracking the visits, click-through rates and costs.

Live Chat

Live Chat to your website would be a great way to help drive more leads from your current visitor traffic. Having a live chat box & agent on your website is proven to increase the leads via your site by an average of 35%. We will provide a live chat agent 24 / 7 to engage with your visitors with the goal of establishing if they are a lead and extracting their name & contact info so that you or someone on your team can follow up.  You don’t have to assign this to someone on your team, we will take care of it for you - almost like an answering service on your website.

Appointment Setting

If you can answer your phone or respond to email inquiries for roof inspection bids, then you're losing money. We'll provide you an agent who will handle incoming calls, text, emails, chats, and Facebook Messenger chats. This agent is trained to know your service area, and to schedule and reschedule appointments as fast as possible ensuring you don't lose a bid because you were too busy taking care of another customer.


We will set you up with access to your very own K.P.I. (Key Performance Indicator) tracking dashboard that will help you keep a pulse on the most important metrics.

The Dashboard Highlights

  • Total Number of Leads Generated (Calls Tracked, Webforms Submitted)
  • Total Investment (includes Adspend, Management Investment, Tools Expense)
  • Average Cost Per Lead Generated - Total Spend / Total Lead Count
  • Return On Marketing Investment - Allow us to connect your project management system (JobNimbus, etc) and we'll calculate your true Return on Marketing Investment

2x Your Roofing Growth Today

Don't know where to start?

Schedule a FREE Lead Flow Acceleration Strategy Session to get a customized 12 month action plan unique to your roofing company.

In this strategy session you'll get:

  • Clear view of why your competitors are beating (numbers and facts, no smoke and mirrors marketing b.s.
  • Step by step plan for how you will 2X revenue over the next twelve months
  • Exclusive access to leads for your service area (we only work with one roofer per service area) if you accept the challenge to grow.
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