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Roofing Growth Tip #40: The Exit Intent Pop-Up

By Pete Rakozy

How To Grow a Roofing Company

If you've been executing these growth tips then you should be seeing more and more traffic coming to your site, which is awesome!

But, if you can't convince them to buy when they get to your site, then you'll need to implement this tip.

Exit-intent pop-ups get a bad wrap because some businesses are relentless and make them impossible to close down.

Being that we follow the customer value journey model, we focus on building quality relationships with our customers and turning them into raving fans. 

Your exit intent pop-ups will add value and help them solve a specific pain point or give them just enough motivation to take that next step in the journey.

Remember, tools are just tools. It's how you wield them that make them destructive or constructive. 

How to execute this roofing growth tip


Exit intent requires a tool or plugin to trigger the pop-up. Review the tools below and pick one that you like best and that fits your budget. Some of them do more than exit intend which is awesome and worth the price.


The trick to exit intent pop-ups is to match the pop-up with what the visitor is thinking about on the page. Look at your website pages and brainstorm reasons why someone would leave, and what you would say to them to keep them on the page if you were over their shoulder. Be forceful but not sleazy car salesman forceful. Offer them something unique like a discount code, free download, etc (think tiny lead magnet). If you're really struggling do a google search or check out the examples we have below.


Set up your exit pop-up and set it live. Remember that your exit-intent should be a natural part of the conversation going on in the head of your customer so it should match the page they are on. I.E., if I'm on a product page and I'm about to leave, give them a coupon code for 10% off or free shipping on that product. Run this test for at least a week and then review the results.


The Exit Pop-Up From Copy Hackers

The Exit Pop-Up From Green Mountain Mustard

The Exit Pop-Up From Bounce Exchange

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