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Why after 550 WordPress projects I’m switching to ClickFunnels

By Pete Rakozy

How To Grow a Roofing Company

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

WordPress website development is insanity. Or at least is was for me when I first started building a team and a process from scratch.

Several years ago I was working for a PPC & SEO digital marketing agency. I was given the chance to take over and build out the website department.

The previous “operation” was a joke.

The girl running it was so stressed out that every six months or less she’d go to our boss and threaten to quit if something didn’t change.

The problem was the tech team of idiots (nice people, just idiot employees in that situation) who she had to fight with to get her projects done. All she built was simple modified wordpress websites from templates you could purchase online.

BUT, every customer would ask for custimizations that had to be done by the tech team.

They hated customers and their request. They saw them like this:

Yeah…so that’s the team I inherited.

Six Months Later

Fast forward six months or so. I had built out my own team at that point with everyone needed (or so I thought) to build websites. We had a couple of developers, a designer, a content writer, a project manager, a quality control reviewer and me.

Yeah, even though most of these people were college kids or recent grads, the overhead was crazy!

We worked together to pull together the best operational process we could. Waterfall is all we knew so that’s what we did.

Then we learned about Scrum and created chaos trying to transition to that.

Though we were doing better than the girl before me (in volume and sales) it was still a hot mess.

I found and bought books hoping that would solve the problem:

  • Web ReDesign 2.0: Workflow that Works — which works great if your projects are $100K or more to pay for all the steps
  • Project Management for Dummies — Just made me feel more like a dummy
  • SCRUM: The art of doing twice the work in half the time — we did twice the work alright and spent half the time redoing it when customers thought our MVP was the final product
  • Website Owner’s Manual — Skimmed it….never read it.

All in all, I learned a ton but it still took us 9–15 months to complete a website project. Clients took forever to approve things. So we’d start another project while waiting. Then they’d come back and expect us to hit the original deadline…which original was six months out but now two weeks out.

So we’d rush to finish.

We were angry.

They were angry.

It was stressFULLLLL! I felt like this…

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash

All we wanted to do was build a simple beautiful website that would help our clients grow. We wanted these websites to be something we could pass over to the marketing side of our agency in order to have them have great success!

But we kept running into issues.

Our designer would get backed up.

Content would get swamped.

Then Coding would be the bottleneck.

It was a never-ending cycle.

Once a site did get launched and passed on to the marketing team often the site wouldn’t convert like we promised it would. Our teammates or the client would sometimes ask us to revert to the previous website! 9–12 months of work and they wanted the old site back.

What a waste.

And so it went for two to three years.

550 Projects later…

Two years, two business partners, and one failed company later I found myself trying to pick up the pieces of some bad decisions (mostly mine).

I put out an email apologizing to customers, the ones affected by the shut down of the company, in an effort to make things right.

My buddy Nik reached out to me on messenger.

We never made it to lunch. And I never signed up for Clickfunnels.

I completely ignored his advice and kept on beating my head against the wall building website projects with a recommended Indian team.


Fast forward two years. I see that my buddy Nik just bought a house in Florida, is bringing home the cash, has grown his agency to the 1 Million Annual revenue mark and is loving life.

I on the other hand and still beating my head against the wall trying to build websites with a contracted team.


So I finally caved. It took a few more months and more pushing from other entrepreneurs I trust to get me to dive in head first.

No need for a designer.

No need for a coder.

I can write the copy.

I can build the layouts.

No hosting fees.

No SSL fees.

Heck, I don’t even need my WordPress site anymore. I’m actually in the process of just rebuilding the main pages in Clickfunnels now (still keeping it for a blog though).

What could have been

If only I had had a platform or tool like this four years ago. I can only imagine the difference. Instead of building a website we could have build funnels, hundreds of them a year. Imagine the results our clients could have had. Imagine the pain, agony, and insanity we could have avoided.

Crazy. Just Crazy.

Shameless plug: If you hate websites or working with a website team feel free to click this link to check out ClickFunnels and get a free book.

Note: To be fair, my business partners were actually stellar people and I hold no ill will toward them at all.

Pete Rakozy

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About the Author

Hi! I've been helping businesses grow for 11 years. I've helped over 1000 businesses upgrade their marketing, website, and most of all revenue! (because come on...most marketers can't spell ROI but we do). I grew up on a farm raising pigs, cows, and chickens in Wisconsin (God's country), yep you betcha! Ope! Tell your folks I says hi! Love to fish, hunt, and explore the outdoors. Not a fan of traveling much after being deported twice from the UK but that's a story for another time... I'm a closet nerd who loves all things Legend of Zelda, Spider-man, and Lord of the Rings. I'm blessed to be married to my lovely wife Lindsey and have two labs Rona (red) and Taka (Black).

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