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Why and How to Share Google Analytics Data with SiteSmash

By Pete Rakozy

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In this post, we explain the common reasons we need access to your Google Analytics account. We’ll discuss briefly what Google Analytics is, why we need access and how we use that access to help you.

What is Google Analytics?

Google analytics is a free software tool created by Google to allow website owners to track what their website visitors are doing on their site, how they got to their site, and where they leave their site. This information is useful because it helps you, the website owner, understand how people use the site and therefore what you can do to improve it. Improving the site makes visitors happier and in short, happy visitors typically buy, subscribe, and return more.

Why does SiteSmash need access to my Google Analytics and how does it help me?

As a marketing agency, we love data. Data helps us know who your customer is, what problems they have, and how they are using your site to solve that problem. If google analytics is set up properly, we can use the data to identify which pages on the site are important, which pages are not, where visitors to your site are getting stuck, and in short, why they don’t buy or become a lead.

The Proposal Process

During the proposal creation process having access to your Google Analytics helps us understand what pages are the highest performing pages so we can tailor our proposal to focus our resources primarily on those. This results in more accurate and often times less expensive proposals. The dirty secret of marketing agency is that if something is unknown, we pad our proposals to cover any unknown cost that we can’t identify due to the lack of data and information being provided.

Marketing Optimization

As we run our Continuous Improvement Monthly Marketing experiments, Google Analytics helps you by letting you know if the work we’re doing is providing you a return on your marketing spend.

How to share Google Analytics Access with SiteSmash?

First of all, don’t send us passwords. We don’t need your passwords and sending them to us via email is unsecured. Keep those locked away tight and safe. All we need is for you to add us as a user to your account and to give us minimal access to only VIEW the data there. If needed, we may ask for EDIT or ADMIN access if your Google Analytics is in need of some fixing.


Step 1: Login

Go to analytics.google.com and sign in using your Google Account.

Step 2: Navigate to ADMIN

At the bottom left you’ll see .

Click on that to see your profile views. There is three, Account, Property, View.


Step 3: Add User

Click on User Management under Account (that’s the first column). Add the email hi@sitesmash.com to the section that says, “Add Permissions For:”

Set the box that reads, “Read & Analyze” to “Edit”. This allows us to install some dashboards and reports that make interpreting the data easier and faster which speeds up how soon we can get you a proposal or make marketing strategy recommendations.

Just to be clear, “EDIT” only gives us access to edit reports, dashboards, filters, etc. It doesn’t give us access to your website, email, social security account, bank accounts, or the deep dark regions of your soul where your most private secrets are held. 🙂 

Next tick the “Notify this User by Email” box and hit Add.

Viola! You’re one step closer to more financially accurate proposal and/or better monthly marketing strategy recommendations, aka, more money in your pocket.

Now, let’s celebrate!



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