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Are you making money from your marketing activities?

  • Are you happy with the number of people buying your products and services?
  • Are you happy with the amount of leads your website generates?
  • Do you have repeat customers buying automatically?
  • Do you know what you made on your last marketing campaign?
  • Do you worry that your message is confusing?
  • Do you feel that you're too close to the product/service to communicate it clearly?

The Clarity Plan

There are typically three reasons why marketing doesn't work for business. The first is that customers don't understand what you do.

They are looking to your business to guide them to the right solution for their problem.  

Creating a clear and compelling message as to why your product/service is the best helps make their life easy and solve their problem fast. 

Clarify your Message

Create clear and compelling marketing messages that make it easy for prospects to pick you.

Apply it Everywhere

Update your website, email marketing, lead generating PDFs, social media, print materials, and sales pitches to communicate your new messaging. 

Grow Your Bank Account

Now that customers clearly understand why you're the obvious choice, watch leads and sales pour in!


We had a client whose website didn't quite tell the true story of who they were or why they do they what they do. [SiteSmash] dug one question after another until eventually, we had successfully mapped the true, simple story of the entire company's reason for being. It was so simple, and every one us could get behind it 100%. I remember looking around and seeing in everyone's eyes the "how have we not figured this out before" look. After that, it was built, launched, quick and we're happy


Chris Lewis

Sebo Marketing


Pete Rakozy is meticulous in guiding CEObuilder through the development of a marketing plan that produces new clients--and helps retain the clients that we have. 


Rich Tyson


Your Certified Guide

At SiteSmash, we've helped create over 75 BrandScripts in the last year for customers in over 25 different industries. We know how hard it can be to take a new tool and skill and make it work for your business right away. 

Donald Miller & Peter Rakozy of SiteSmash

Donald Miller and Pete Rakozy at the September 2018 Guide Certification Training

How to make marketing dollars matter

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As soon as the roadmap is implemented you'll start to see results from having a clear messaging and actionable roadmap.

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Clarity Package

For those who have completed a BrandScript and need to review it with a seasoned professional to make sure it's clearly done right.



4 x 90 min coaching sessions

  • 4 - 90 minute coaching sessions
  • Work from the comfort of your own office or home

Growth Direction Package

Everything in Clarity & Confidence plus get a detailed action plan of the steps you can build to convert your target customer from stranger to company advocate.



6 x 90 min coaching sessions

  • 6 - 90 minute coaching sessions
  • Work from the comfort of your own office or home
  • Avatar Worksheet Template
  • Before & After Worksheet Template
  • Customer Roadmap Template