Growth Team

SiteSmash is a digital marketing agency that helps convert the online browsers to buyers. We have over eight years experience in digital marketing. Over four years in website development. We’re now proud to offer review and reputation management.


We work with small and medium-sized businesses. We help them to understand their customer, clarify their message, and create simple marketing strategies. We also take time to educate our clients on the basics of marketing.


Our belief is that a marketing agency should practice what it preaches. We focus on working to ask better questions and solve better problems, the ones that when solved, fix 100 smaller problems.


We’re a small company. Two people in fact and we like to run things lean. If you have any questions you can reach out directly to either of us.


Peter Rakozy is the director of everything at SiteSmash. He grew up in Wisconsin on a farm living the boys life and loves the outdoors. He graduated from BYU-Idaho in Marketing. While attempting to complete an internship, customs deported him from the UK, twice. He also has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from the Acton School of Business. Pete loves solving problems and puzzles and is always looking for better solutions to problems. He loves the Legend of Zelda video game series. He currently lives in Provo Utah with his smoking hot wife Lindsey, and his black Labrador puppy, Taka.

Peter Rakozy


Jesse has sought out positions that are in the personal and professional world to serve others. His drive to reach people through the spoken and written word continues to be his main focus.

The stories that are told in business excite and frustrate him at the same time. It is exciting to help companies understand their customers and what makes them choose them over another. It's frustrating when he sees a company's message that obviously is so disconnected that for sure has their executive staff scratching their heads of why sales are not climbing.

It is Jesse’s drive to further understand the buyers' mind and helping his customers prosper from that understanding. He furthers his education in Marketing and Sales to give himself an edge in promoting those who work with him to achieve a greater understanding of why they should strive for customer delight and not just customer service.

Jesse Angeles

Chief Revenue Officer


  • Director of Everything
  • Website Project Management
  • Marketing Strategy Management
  • Financials (AR/AP)
  • Sourcing Contractors


  • Content Strategy
  • Story Development
  • Sales Buyer Assistance

Contracted Members

In our day an age, the need for a full in-house team isn’t required. We utilize the skills and talents of many contractors to help execute the campaigns we design. This allows us to pick the right person for the right project every time while also be competitive in pricing.