Values* are the internal compass that guides everything we do. They help us to ensure we stay true to ourselves and make the right choices. Over the years, we’ve identified a trend among those who have thrived working with us. We’ve captured those trends in the form of values and have elaborated on them in brief below. If you ever wonder why we do things the way we do. You may find the answer below.


  • There is plenty of work to go around
  • Focus on the long-term
  • Look to create a mutual benefit for all parties
  • Expresses gratitude daily
  • Share credit with others
  • Have a deep sense of inner personal worth and security
  • Be open to possibilities, options, alternatives, and creativity
  • Be organized


  • Focuses on doing less but better
  • Understand that practically everything is unimportant
  • Pauses to really discern what really matters
  • Makes space to:
    • Sleep – to enable the highest levels of mental contribution and creativity
    • Play – to spark creativity and reduce stress
    • Explore – life and be creative

Continuous Improvement

  • Continuously study, learn and meditate on how and what to improve
  • Test all assumptions, processes, and paradigms – no opinions – take a stand
  • Never say, “That’s the way we’ve always done it” as an excuse to not change
  • Work hard and smart to always be better and happier
  • Fail often and early, and don’t complain
  • Ask for forgiveness, not permission – action always trumps

Live a life of meaning

  • Feel in control
  • Get the right things done right
  • Experience joy in the journey
  • Choose carefully in order to do great work


  • Our values and beliefs are evident in all we do
  • Communication is open for all to see and read
  • Share the good and bad with our customers and employees and trust them to act as caring humans and professionals
  • Our personal brand is a true reflection of ourselves everywhere
  • Be open to criticism and feedback and brave enough to own up to our mistakes


Practice what you preach.

We will never recommend to a client a strategy that we haven’t tried before without letting them know first that this is a new experiment for us as well.


By publicly posting these we invite all who we interact with to hold us accountable to our values. If you ever see us acting out of line then please call us out on it. The only way we become better is by getting feedback.

*Keep in mind that our company is human and always evolving. Over time our values will evolve, improve and simplify. If it didn’t we’d be violating one of our core values, “continuous improvement.” 🙂