Site Care

You’re not going to buy a Ferrari and never take it in for an oil change. Don’t do the same with your website.

Websites need love too.

That’s why we put together our website care and feeding packages.

We cover three key areas so you never have to worry about your website breaking down when you need it most.


Nothing’s more embarrassing than pulling up your website in a meeting to find it’s been replaced with an image of a skull, “You’ve been Hacked!” in a big display font, and eerie chant music playing at 100 decibels.

Website Hardening

We’ll clamp things down nice and tight so even the skinniest hacker can’t find a crack to wriggle through.

Security Scans

We do regular security scans so that if your site is compromised because your new intern left his password written right next to his computer, we’ll know about it before your clients have a chance to see it.

Regular Backups

We run regular backups so that even if they do get in we can have you back up in no time.


Science says that people today have short attention spans. Don’t make them wait for your website to load.

Performance Audits

We run regular checks.


We could bore you with the technical details, or we could just say this will make your site much faster.


See above.

Image Optimization

Not optimizing images is like trying to move a dresser without taking everything out of the drawers. Sure, you could do it. But why? It would just make everything harder and slower.


Plugin and Core updates

Always have the latest features and security updates without having to worry if clicking the update button will break everything.

Content changes

Want to tweak something but you don’t have the time to figure it out for yourself? We’re here for you.