You’ve changed lives and built a legacy. It’s time to use the world’s most powerful medium to share your impact.

“I hate watching interesting and beautiful videos,” said no one ever. Right. Just listen to what DeLaina Tonks, Director of Mountain Heights Academy has to say about it.

It’s a rare gift to get to know an organization well enough to tell its story through the eyes of its people in such a short time period, yet that’s precisely what SiteSmash accomplished. They connected with our families to beautifully amplify their voices and share their life stories through the lens of Mountain Heights Academy. That’s powerful.

You understand how fundamental a good video can be for your website and a host of other business objectives. If you don’t, just google “video statistics websites” and feast your eyes.

We’ve found that three types of video content do the best in optimizing websites and telling your story.


Your happy clients will speak better than anyone else about the real benefits you’ve given them. Get straight at your WHY by helping viewers see and feel what drives your organization. Micro-docs capture the deeply human attributes that connect us all together.


Bring all the breadth, depth, and complexity of what your company offers into a simple yet memorable animated video. Don’t worry, these aren’t those cursed hand-animated things that appear to be dethroning PowerPoint as the most boring form of communication ever.


The best leaders collect, create, and harness great stories. Solidify your brand, jumpstart your marketing, or wow your conference audience next year with an original motion picture.

For the price of a part-time video guy, you get an experienced film crew. Check out some of our work, we like it almost as much as our clients.